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Send bulk SMS online in Singapore

Are you a business looking for sending bulk SMS online to customers in Singapore? Use SIPTEL managed services for your SMS campaign.

Why SMS for marketing?

97% of SMS are opened and read within 3 minutes

All SMS are delivered to mobile. There is no SPAMBox.

All numbers are in the same geography.

SMS Pricing

Order Size Price
Upto 100K SMS 0.12 $ Per SMS
100K to 1000K SMS 0.10 $ Per SMS
Above 1000K SMS 0.09 $ Per SMS

Minimum order 50K SMS

Service include

DNC Check

SMS message compliance

SMS broadcast


Legal compliance

In Singapore, there are legal provisions about whom you can send SMS and how SMS should be drafted. .



Personal Data Protection Policy specified legal framework about personal data

Do not call registry

DNC Registry Administers do not call registry

DMAS Organisation

DMAS provides practice guidelines for Data-driven marketing

Leave all these complexities to us. We are expert at this!

SMS broadcasting for Singapore registered businesses only
We do not serve – moneylending, pawnshops, trading, forex businesses. 


Huge capacity

Upto 100K messages per hour

Globally interconnected

Stable infrastructure

Managed service

We manage all aspects for you