Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Help your team communicate with your customers more effectively with business telephone systems in Singapore

Reinvent the business communication at your organization with business telephone systems in Singapore. Equip your team with an array of amazing features like call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, call conferencing and others and help them communicate effortlessly on the go!

What is a Business Telephone System in Singapore?

As the name suggests, a business telephone system is a telephone system which is geared towards satisfying the professional needs of businesses. All thanks to their business-centric features like easy to use web-based interface, plug and play, easy scalability and the like, they help businesses communicate effectively in digital settings.

Advantages of Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Around-the-Clock Reliability

When it comes to having a phone system, nothing is more reliable than having a business class phone system which can be monitored 365 days a year.

This is what makes having a business class phone system important especially when communication is an important part of your business and you cannot afford to have glitches.

Ease of Use

It is likely that a quality business class phone system is more reliable and is better equipped to meet the needs of your company.

Most business phone systems like IP based phones and others make use of the internet to establish communication and thus reduce the risk of technical glitches.


Since a business class phone service makes sure use of VoIP phone systems that are capable of running without the analog lines and essentially run over the internet, they are way faster, reliable and cost effective. This keeps your business up and running which ultimately translates to enhanced productivity.

Additionally, even if your business runs into an unexpected glitch, it is likely that your service provider will be able to fix it through reception.

Peace of Mind

A business class phone system can even help you in maintaining records of phone calls in and out of the office. Not only this, you can even ask your provider for statements of activity each month for better reporting, analysing and this could even assist you in making core business decisions.

Ability to Adapt

A business class phone system advances your company and helps in easy integration of various high end tools h like automated directories, auto attendant and so on.

Benefits of SIPTEL Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Undoubtedly, business phone systems play a critical role in determining the success of any business, irrespective of the size of your company. This is simply because they play a key role in communication, collaboration and operational management. Having the right set of business phones that are not only powerful but affordable as well is necessary.

SIPTEL understands this pretty much and provides you with the right set of business telephone systems with amazing features.

Integrate seamlessly with CRM and other third-party business tools

In this highly competitive world, businesses always need to be on their toes and tap every possible business opportunity. This is when integrating business phones with CRM can come to your rescue. With their unique features like click to call, caller ID information, easy call settings, and others, you can manage to stay on top of the game.

Unified messaging

Gain access to all your important messages, whether by emails, fax messages, text messages or others, in your inbox. This proves to be useful when your team uses a range of channels for communicating and needs to have all the required information properly sorted and organized in a single location.

Admin portal

Exercise full control over your telephone system and easily change and reset passwords, change call settings and customize the entire system on the go with its easy to use web interface.

Group directory

Easily find an internal contact on the fly with an inbuilt corporate directory which helps you keep a record of all the internal contacts and make it easy for you to dial whenever needed.