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Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Boost the communication at your office with modern office phone systems in Singapore

Move over the traditional telephony systems and use new-age office phone systems in Singapore which are specifically equipped with enterprise-ready features to boost your productivity and efficiency.

What is an Office Phone System in Singapore?

An office phone system is a tailor-made calling network which is designed specifically for businesses to help them improve both internal and external communication with their employees, clients, customers, and other stakeholders. Because an office phone is made for larger motive like call routing and customer service calls, these telephone systems have better capabilities than what you would find in a typical telephony system.

Advantages of an Office Phone System

Share phone lines

Office phone systems provide easy accessibility to the employees. They no more need to wait for an employee to terminate a call to initiate another call. Further, businesses no more need to allocate a separate phone number for each employee. Business office phone systems in Singapore provide you with shared phone lines.

Auto attendant

An auto attendant can prove to be an effective replacement for a receptionist. Such a system auto plays the recorded instructions and guides the callers to enter an extension and connect them to the required department.


One of the major advantages of an office phone system is its cost-effectiveness. Undoubtedly, the cost of voice calls over the internet is lower. VOIP is essentially voice over internet protocol and allows you to make and receive calls over the internet, which proves to be cost-effective in the long run while also providing supreme quality.

Exclusive features

Office phone systems in Singapore come equipped with a range of services which streamline the day to day business operations, including call taping, voice mail, caller ID, muting, automatic redial, conference calling and others.


As your business grows, it is likely that your call volume will grow accordingly and you would need to add more phone lines as needed. This is where modern office phone systems prove to be advantageous over traditional phone systems. While the latter limits you in terms of users, the former is equipped with PBX technology which can be scaled as per your company’s needs.


Office phone systems in Singapore provide the much-needed portability to the employees. They can send and receive messages, irrespective of their location. All they need to do is log in to the system using the number, and it is done.

Key Features of SIPTEL Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Equipped with years of rich experience, SIPTEL understand the business processes pretty well and knows how important role an effective communication plays within the organization. This is perhaps why all our office phone systems come equipped with a range of features that are a must-have for an enterprise.

Call forwarding

Busy? Or, your customer wants to connect to a certain department? Well, whatever the reason is – you can easily forward the calls to another destination or department or to an external phone and can even forward them to the voicemail.

Call transfer

In addition to forwarding calls to another phone, business phone systems also allow you to transfer calls upon answering to another extension, external phone or voice mail. Thus, you no longer need to deny your customer or cut the call in between, but you can effortlessly transfer them to another number.

Caller line display

Undoubtedly, communication becomes easier when you know about the caller beforehand. Caller line display comes to your rescue here and allows you to know the identity of the caller.

Call waiting

Do not miss a single customer, and let your callers know that you are speaking to someone else when they call you at the same time.

Conference calling

Do you have something important to convey to your team? Or, do you need reports from an entire team on call? Conference calling can do the trick and allow you to add up to 32 attendants at a time.

Optional features

Add to this, business phone systems in Singapore come equipped with a range of other features like voice mailbox, auto attendant service, voice mail to email routing, and the like.

Internet Phone Line in Singapore

Get an internet phone line in Singapore at the best rates with SIPTEL!

Experience the best telephony services in Singapore anywhere, anytime and on any device. An internet phone line helps you communicate over the internet, and thereby proves to be cost-effective.

What is an Internet Phone Line in Singapore?

An internet phone line, basically, helps you communicate over the phone through the internet with the help of voice over internet protocol. Since such type of communication happens over the internet, it proves to be affordable in terms of maintenance and upkeep and also comes equipped with a range of business-focused solutions which make it easier for the businesses to communicate and collaborate.

Advantages of Internet Phone Line in Singapore

Get a Singapore business number

Easily build your local presence in Singapore with our internet phone line in Singapore. Get to make and receive calls from your desk on the go. Enjoy outgoing calls at reduced rates and incoming calls for free.

Free intra office calls

Boost the communication inside your office with free intra office calls between branches and offices. Thus, no matter, if your employees are located locally or in overseas offices, you get to enjoy free service as long as they are within VOIP systems.

Unify your messages

Unify all your messages including the fax messages and voicemails by getting them delivered directly to your mailbox. Thus, you don’t need to call in to check for the incoming messages. This is because all your fax messages and voicemails are delivered straight to your email.

Get a virtual receptionist

Create your own custom greeting and direct the calls to anywhere. Easily forward the calls to a group of employees, agents or even forward to your cell phone or home number and greet your customers on the go!

Reduced operating costs

Getting an internet phone line helps you save money on operating costs. You do not need to purchase and install expensive and troublesome hardware. Further, you don’t even have to splurge money on hefty software and hardware maintenance.

Key Features of SIPTEL Internet Phone Lines in Singapore

Transform the communication processes at your organization with the internet phone lines provided by SIPTEL. Easily communicate over the internet and get over the hassles thrown by the conventional telephony systems.

Unlimited local calls

You just need to enroll yourself to a monthly subscription to enjoy free local incoming and outgoing calls a day! All you need to do is connect your phone system to our software and you are done!

Free number retention

Eliminate the need of changing numbers on switching to a different service or when you relocate. Enjoy one number for the life, and integrate it with your brand identity.

Call forwarding

Did your customer dial the wrong extension? Or, you want to forward the call to some other department? Well, whatever your motive is, SIPTEL has got you covered. You can easily forward the calls to another extension, desk, branch or an external number.

Call conferencing

Do you want to communicate an effective message to your team? Simply, initiate a conference call and you are done! Internet phone lines help you set up a call conference on the go by compressing data packets during transmission. This allows the carrier to handle more data, and this is how a single line is capable of handling more than one call at a time.

Seamless integration

Enhance the capability of your team and equip them with the best tools and resources. Internet-based phones are easy to integrate with third-party tools meant for recording and managing, This helps your team keep an eye over the leads and prospects more accurately and effectively.

Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Help your team communicate with your customers more effectively with business telephone systems in Singapore

Reinvent the business communication at your organization with business telephone systems in Singapore. Equip your team with an array of amazing features like call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, call conferencing and others and help them communicate effortlessly on the go!

What is a Business Telephone System in Singapore?

As the name suggests, a business telephone system is a telephone system which is geared towards satisfying the professional needs of businesses. All thanks to their business-centric features like easy to use web-based interface, plug and play, easy scalability and the like, they help businesses communicate effectively in digital settings.

Advantages of Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Around-the-Clock Reliability

When it comes to having a phone system, nothing is more reliable than having a business class phone system which can be monitored 365 days a year.

This is what makes having a business class phone system important especially when communication is an important part of your business and you cannot afford to have glitches.

Ease of Use

It is likely that a quality business class phone system is more reliable and is better equipped to meet the needs of your company.

Most business phone systems like IP based phones and others make use of the internet to establish communication and thus reduce the risk of technical glitches.


Since a business class phone service makes sure use of VoIP phone systems that are capable of running without the analog lines and essentially run over the internet, they are way faster, reliable and cost effective. This keeps your business up and running which ultimately translates to enhanced productivity.

Additionally, even if your business runs into an unexpected glitch, it is likely that your service provider will be able to fix it through reception.

Peace of Mind

A business class phone system can even help you in maintaining records of phone calls in and out of the office. Not only this, you can even ask your provider for statements of activity each month for better reporting, analysing and this could even assist you in making core business decisions.

Ability to Adapt

A business class phone system advances your company and helps in easy integration of various high end tools h like automated directories, auto attendant and so on.

Benefits of SIPTEL Business Telephone Systems in Singapore

Undoubtedly, business phone systems play a critical role in determining the success of any business, irrespective of the size of your company. This is simply because they play a key role in communication, collaboration and operational management. Having the right set of business phones that are not only powerful but affordable as well is necessary.

SIPTEL understands this pretty much and provides you with the right set of business telephone systems with amazing features.

Integrate seamlessly with CRM and other third-party business tools

In this highly competitive world, businesses always need to be on their toes and tap every possible business opportunity. This is when integrating business phones with CRM can come to your rescue. With their unique features like click to call, caller ID information, easy call settings, and others, you can manage to stay on top of the game.

Unified messaging

Gain access to all your important messages, whether by emails, fax messages, text messages or others, in your inbox. This proves to be useful when your team uses a range of channels for communicating and needs to have all the required information properly sorted and organized in a single location.

Admin portal

Exercise full control over your telephone system and easily change and reset passwords, change call settings and customize the entire system on the go with its easy to use web interface.

Group directory

Easily find an internal contact on the fly with an inbuilt corporate directory which helps you keep a record of all the internal contacts and make it easy for you to dial whenever needed.

Cloud Phone Systems in Singapore

Access the best cloud phone systems by Siptel in Singapore

Business phone services have never been better before. Siptel provides the perfect cloud phone systems in Singapore that can help you route calls through the internet instead of the usual copper lines. With 1-day installation services, this could be quite a blessing for your business environment.

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is basically a telephone platform that is developed for the business world. This is a voice over IP or VoIP solution and has become popular in the recent past mainly owing to its highly secured structure and other advanced telephonic features.

What happened before the cloud phone systems came into existence in the industry? Ideally, each business phone system would comprise of a primary phone number which would be aided by multiple extension numbers. However, with the advent of the cloud phone system or the voice over IP service, companies can now simply install a telephony software and then connect the phones to the same server. This phone network makes operations a lot smoother for the business world.



One of the most important reasons why cloud phone systems are popular in Singapore is its cost-effective nature. Gone are the days when you need to purchase whole phone servers for connecting the office devices. Now, all you need is to make use of the hosted server and we are set!


Cloud phone systems are very secure in nature. Usually, the voice over IP systems are prone to being infiltrated by hackers. With Siptel’s cloud phone system, the infrastructure is a lot more secure

Ease to use

With cloud phone systems in Singapore, there is no need to keep a designated IT team to look after the structure. With the well-designed administrative panels, it is easy to bring about necessary changes in the system. In addition, there are no complex calculations or policies involved with Siptel.


Another big advantage of the cloud phone system is that it can be accessed easily from remote locations. You might have a lot of people working remotely on a regular basis. The need to reimburse phone bills for business purposes is gone. Since this system is hosted on the server, it is easy to access the phones from remote locations across the globe.

Key Features of SIPTEL Telephony System

The Telephony system from Siptel brings together a host of features to help its users make use of the cloud phone system. It integrates the goodness of the conventional telephone services on the server and connects all the employees of the company. Call rerouting, making cheap international calls, voicemail services, call transfer are some of the most common features. As a result, the whole system becomes very business-friendly and Siptel provides the perfect platform for hosting incoming and outbound phone calls. Here are some of the most interesting and useful features for this server platform.


Premium quality VOIP service

All calls conducted over the cloud phone telephony system with Siptel in Singapore make use of high quality HD call services. As a result of this, these calls are clearer than the ordinary telephone voice calls and thus are of premium quality.

Fully portable Singapore number

The numbers offered by Siptel in Singapore and fully portable and can be used everywhere. The DID numbers are from the 6* or 3* batches which are available for Singapore residents widely. In fact, deskphones are also provided by Siptel connected with the company’s IP server.

Additional global numbers

Apart from the usual DID numbers given by Sitpel, there are special international numbers that are added to the package. At present, these global numbers are added to USA, Canada, and UK.

Concurrent calls

As part of the Siptel telephony system, you will have access to an unlimited number of concurrent calls. These can be made from your account and received simultaneously.

Caller ID and call logs

Information about each and every call going out from the system and being received on the system are noted in the call log. This makes call investigation feasible for businesses. In addition, since this is available on a self-service portal on the web, anyone with administrative rights can view it.


This feature proves to be really handy during the busy hours. The calls will automatically be rerouted during the do-not-disturb hours.

PABX System in Singapore

Transform your business communication with the best PABX system in Singapore

Get access to the most advanced business communication solutions which are capable of scaling up as your business grows and guarantee 99.99% uptime.

What is a PABX System?

PABX or private automated branch exchange, commonly known as a PBX system, is a phone switching system that provides quick access to a single number to outside callers and provides an array of external lines to internal staff. This essentially means that your customers just need to remember a single number and they will be connected to your company. While, at the same time, your internal employees will have enough lines to make outgoing calls.

Advantages of a PABX System

Easy communication

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Saves time

Employees no more need to visit each other to pass the instructions to have a face to face conversation. This essentially means that the employees can focus on their work uninterruptedly and complete the work within stipulated time.

Easy integration

Automate your business operations and change the way how reporting is done at your organization. Simply integrate a PABX system with your applications via computer, and simplify your business.


Not sure about the number of lines that your new business will need? Do not worry. Simply add and remove the phone lines as per the requirement with an IP PABX system. No patching required!

Feature rich

PABX system is equipped with a range of advanced features that a traditional phone lacks. From call forwarding to call waiting, conference calling, video calling, and others – you would not be disappointed!


Since PBX is connected to the IP network, no matter, where your employees are located, you simply need to add hosted telephone sets and you are done!

PABX System in Singapore by SIPTEL Telephony

SIPTEL provides a comprehensive range of PABX systems in Singapore consisting of:

Conventional PABX

This system is a perfect solution for small businesses wherein internal and external communication is limited. However, the system provides all the required features consisting of caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, call conferencing and others.


If you are a busy company, having a cutting edge system with state of the art features is essential to boost productivity.

Such a system is equipped with advanced features like roaming, scalability, web-based system management and so on.

Hybrid PAX

If you want a mix of VOIP PABX and conventional PABX systems, Hybrid PABX is the right fit for you. Such a system is equipped with all the essential features of both the systems and provides the right mix.


Business hour rules

Easily create different business hour rules based on day and time. This would enable the callers to reach you and your staff within your working hours.

Call block

Block the caller ID information on the go for the special days when you don’t want to display the caller Id information for privacy reasons!

Web interface

Get quick access to our powerful and user-friendly web interface which will allow you to manage and control each and every aspect of your PBAX service online on the go from any part of the world. Additionally, also get a complete set of training and support solutions online.

Call forwarding

Forward all the calls to a certain extension or to your mobile phone as and when needed. This ensures that none of your customers goes unattended and you lose no important call.

Caller ID

Easily check the name and the number of the person calling you and prepare accordingly before answering them. Also, use this feature to display the details about your company when you call out.

No busy signals

Get dedicated lines with unlimited calling capacity such that your customers will never have to hear a busy signal. Thus, all you need is enough staff to support you during busy business hours!

IP Phone Systems in Singapore

Improve your productivity manifold with IP based phone systems in Singapore

Transform the way communication is being done at your organization with our highly effective IP phone systems in Singapore. In addition to proving cost-effective, IP-based phones will help you provide better customer service on the go! What’s more? They do not just allow you to make calls, but a modern IP phone can also help you reduce costs and boost productivity by providing easy messaging, conferencing, and video and voice abilities.

What is an IP phone system?

As its name indicates, an IP based phone system makes use of packet switched voice over IP or internet telephony to connect telephone calls over the internet. Such a system is different than traditional phone systems which make use of Public Switched Telephone Network.


Assured savings on phone calls

Since IP based phone systems do not rely on analog phone lines, this translates to assured savings over time. An IP phone system essentially lets you communicate over the internet, which helps you save money, irrespective of the number of long distance calls that your employees make.

Enhanced connectivity and mobility

IP phone systems help you stay connected with your team, clients, and stakeholders on the go. All you need to have is an active internet connection, and you can communicate anywhere on the planet.

Feature-rich systems

While PBX and VoIP systems have made communication a lot easier, IP phone systems have pushed the boundaries even further. This is simply because they allow you to do much more in addition to making the phone calls. They come equipped with the auto attendant feature, programmable buttons, unified messaging, call waiting, teleconferencing capability and a lot more, which ultimately helps you in your day to day business operations.


IP based phone systems grow with your business. Thus, you do not have to stay restricted by a certain number of physical phone connections just because adding new connections or getting rid of extra connections is troublesome. If you need a new phone connection, all you would need to do is add a new IP phone to the router and you are done!

Easy to install and configure

When compared to the traditional phone systems, IP telephone systems are much easier to install and configure. This is all because they have a user-friendly web interface which is easy to configure and understand, unlike traditional phones with come along with a proprietary software and had a steep learning curve.

Enhanced productivity and improved customer service

IP based phone systems can be easily integrated with various business applications like CRMs, ERPs, and lead generating tools and so on. This helps your staff to service the customers better and also helps you tap new opportunities on the go!

Key Features of SIPTEL IP Phone systems

SIPTEL empowers you by introducing you to a telephony system which is best equipped to your needs and caters to your requirements perfectly.


Caller ID

Getting to know more about the person before receiving their call can help your employees present themselves and serve them properly. IP based phone systems come equipped with a caller ID feature and inform you about the caller’s identity in advance.

Call handoff

Switch over calls from one device to another seamlessly with call handoff feature. In here, you can switch the call to a desk phone or mobile from desktop without letting the caller know!

Least call routing

Exercise a better control over costs by letting the system decide the best way to route the calls for long distance and international connections. This ensures that the least call routing is specified for each call connection and your call is routed properly.

Fixed mobile convergence

If providing an on-prompt response is an important part of your business, this feature will ensure that you stay connected with your customers throughout. In here, your mobile phone acts as a terminal register with IP PBX and provides quick access to all the important functions like call transfer, conference and so on.

IP PBX System in Singapore

Experience seamless connectivity at cost-effective rates with us!

Two-liner: Get instant access to cloud-based phone systems which are reliable, scalable, flexible and affordable at the same time, thus helping you boost the communication at your organization while also enhancing its productivity at the same time.

What is an IP PBX System?

While a PBX system can help you connect to a range of networks around the world, an IP PBX system goes a step further and allows you to enjoy a range of other benefits. To begin with, an IP PBX system not only allows you to send audio, but you can also choose to send video and instant messages with it as well.

Since an IP PBX system makes use of online internet protocols, it lets you connect to your audiences with a range of devices including VOIP, mobile devices, standard phones and even with services like Google Talk and Skype.

Benefits of an IP PBX System

Enhanced productivity

The IP PBX solutions enhance your business’s productivity by all means. It provides a stable mode of communication for executives, vendors and other professionals, irrespective of the location they are in. This provides uninterrupted connectivity and boosts your productivity.

Eliminates phone wiring

Unlike standard phones, IP PBX system eliminates the hassles of phone wiring as it allows you to connect to the hardware IP phones directly through a standard computer network port. Further, software phones can be installed directly on the PC.


While adding more extensions and lines will translate to expensive hardware modules, a lot of wiring and unlimited hassles. This all is taken care of by IP PBX systems which are easy to expand. You can easily add or remove the systems by using a standard computer. If you need to add more phones, you just need to expand the network and you are done.

Allow roaming and hot desking

Hot desking is a process by which you can easily move your phone from one office desk to other. This was not possible with the traditional PBX systems which need new extensions for the new location. However, with IP PBX, you just need to move the phone to a new desk.

What’s more? IP PBX systems can roam with you as well. If an employee of yours is working from the house, they simply need to use their SIP software phone to be able to answer calls to their extension. This way you can divert the calls to anywhere in the world.

Easier to install and configure

When compared to a traditional phone system, an IP PBX system is easier to install and use. This is because such a system runs on a computer through a software and anyone with little technical know-how can manage to run it.

Further, such a system can be easily managed via web-based configuration interface. Thus, you get to fine-tune and maintain your phone system on the go without any hassles.

IP PBX Benefits of SIPTEL Telephony

Provide a quick makeover to the way communication is being done at your organization with SIPTEL. Featuring the best cloud-based communication products and solutions, we transform how businesses collaborate and communicate, thus enabling them to connect easily with their employees, clients, customers and other stakeholders globally. Enhance your overall business experience with us!



The IP PBX solutions provided by SIPTEL are compatible with all major service providers including the likes of Starhub, Singtel, M1, and others. Add to that, our solutions are easy to connect to the SIP Trunking, Central Office lines and so on.

99.9% uptime

Experience the seamless connectivity with our carrier-grade hardware that provides you with mission =-critical SLA. Not only this, but our services come equipped with proactive service monitoring and round the cloud support.

Range of features

Our IP PBX systems come fully equipped with a range of features including long distance and local calling services, voice and data access, voicemails, VOIP telephone handsets, and others.

Telco Agnostic

Secure a business number that works fine irrespective of the service provider you choose to go with. Thus, you are not locked in with a broadband contract, at any point in time.

Cloud PBX in Singapore

Redefine the communication at your organization with cloud PBX in Singapore

Do not let the limitations of traditional telephony systems govern your business communication. Switch to cloud PBX in Singapore at cost-effective rates and have quick access to a range of business-centric features along with flexibility, scalability, and hassle-free management.

What is Cloud PBX in Singapore?

Cloud PBX is the perfect combination of cloud computing and PBX. While cloud computing helps in storing and accessing data via the internet through the cloud, PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange which helps in communicating effectively over the internet.

In such a system, all the routing is performed by the VOIP provider and so, you don’t need to allocate a resource to manage PBPX in your office.

Advantages of Cloud PBX Systems

Unlimited savings on international calls

Assured huge cost savings, all thanks to highly competitive prices for overseas calls. Call overseas from your office phones and get 10 to 30x cheaper telecom rates. Thus, stay connected with your stakeholders seamlessly irrespective of their location.

Low operating costs

Cloud PBX systems in Singapore help you streamline the business costs. The entire system is easy to maintain and take care of. The only upfront investment you need to make comes in the form of purchasing and installing the on-site system and the rest is easy to take care of.

Scalability and geographical flexibility

The cloud PBX systems in Singapore are easy to deploy and scale up as your business grows. It is particularly easy to install new phones just at the click of a few buttons and make way for easy communication and collaboration.

Enterprise-level features

One of the best parts of cloud PBX systems in Singapore is the comprehensive list of features that it comes equipped with including call waiting, conference room calls, voicemail, call recording, music on hold and so on.

Hassle-free management

Monitor, manage and customize the performance of your cloud PBX systems simply from anywhere. All you need is an active internet connection and you are done.

Plug and play

Do you have a moving office? Well, easily plug and play and access all the amazing functionalities of PBX systems in Singapore. You don’t need to pay any relocation fee or handle any time. You can plug and play your phone system all over the world and enjoy unlimited free calls.

Key Features of SIPTEL Cloud PBX Systems in Singapore

SIPTEL transforms the way through which businesses communicate and collaborate among themselves and with their stakeholders. Cloud-based PBX systems in Singapore help them connect to their employees and customers seamlessly and empower the businesses globally. Additionally, our solutions also come equipped with a range of features which enhances the overall communication experience of the businesses.

Simple to use web interface

Setup your PBX cloud-based phone in Singapore within a few minutes, all thanks to its intuitive web-based user interface. The web interface of the phone system is versatile enough to handle and create user groups, IVR call flows, call recordings and the like just with a single button!

Make calls on the go

No matter, if you are using a smartphone, tablet, softphone or deskphone – easily make calls from any device. This provides your business with the much-needed flexibility and makes your business communications truly global.

Access important details

Have easy access to all the important details including voicemails, recordings and call logs whenever you need them. You simply need to log in to the web interface to have a quick glimpse of all the nitty-gritties.

99.99% availability

You cannot afford to stay disconnected from your customers. This is why our PBX systems guarantee 99.99% up time, all thanks to our various global data centers which keep us up and running at all points in time

Reduced IT costs

Our PBX phone system helps you cut down on the communication costs. All you need to have is a web phone, and you are done.

PBX System in Singapore

Make way for smarter collaboration and communication within your organization with our PBX system in Singapore!

Deploy a PBX system designed especially for large enterprises and boost your revenue, reduce the overheads, and get a chance to serve your customers better! Choose SIPTEL for all your PBX system needs and get easy access to growth-oriented business-centric features!

What is a PBX System?

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a telephone system which connects the internal communication network of a company with external communication networks, like that of a traditional phone system.

Essentially, this means that a PBX system allows users to communicate within an organization and the outside world with the help of various communication channels like analog, VOIP, or ISDN. In addition to this, a PBX allows free calls between the users and comes packed with a range of features like interactive voice menus (IVRs), voicemail, call recording, transfers and so on.


Centralized control

In addition to allowing you to access all the incoming calls by one number, a PBX phone system also ensures that it doesn’t block other calls. Thus, even when all the calls are routed to one number, your employee will be able to attend other calls, both incoming and outgoing, even when other callers are still connected. This provides better control and makes way for quick communication.


All thanks to the ever-advancing PBX system, it now comes equipped with PBX auto attendants which helps the callers quickly connect to a particular department for a specific service by entering an extension number. This way, you no more need to employ a receptionist to divert the calls.


Undoubtedly, PBX systems are reliable as they are geared up by the telephone wire itself and continue to work even in the case of power or the internet outage.


Since PBX system is powered up by the telephone lines, and not by the internet, the voice quality remains unaffected irrespective of the connection speed of your internet. In addition to that, a PBX system comes equipped with a range of advanced features that streamline the business operations.

Cost monitoring

A PBX system helps you in managing the logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. This reporting feature helps you in auditing as to which departments were most active on calls, and which extension was the busiest. This helps you in allocating the resources properly for better management.

Flexible call routing

PBX system ensures that you stay connected with your customers throughout. You might have an important call to attend but you also have to attend an important meeting. You can simply program your phone such that if you do not answer a call within a given number of rings, it will be automatically forwarded to another number, thus making sure that no call goes unanswered and you are able to address your client on the go.

Key Features of SIPTEL PBX System

Being a leading provider of PBX system in Singapore, SIPTEL delivers nothing but the best services which are economical, flexible, secure and tailor-made for your business. With an array of PBX features like queue management, voicemail to email, time conditions management and others, the PBX system provided by SIPTEL ensures quick and easy accessibility.



You no more need to stick to your desk to use a PBX system. SIPTEL provides a virtual PBX which helps you attend to and make calls on the go with smartphone apps!

Easy to integrate

We understand that most of the communication today happens with the help of CRM and ERP systems. This is why we make sure that our PBX system can be easily integrated to SugarCRM, OpenERP and other third-party software and tools that you might be using.

A local virtual number

Our PBX system allows you to get a local virtual number from over 50 countries, thus making sure that you are able to connect with your customers more easily.


SIPTEL takes care of your confidentiality and privacy at every point in time and ensures that your connection is encrypted and safe throughout.

Easy switches

Switch seamlessly to your office phone from your mobile and vice versa while in the middle of a conversation without letting the caller know!

Unified and Instant Messaging

Easily access mails, voice messages and fax in a single message and stay in touch with your team members with the help of real-time communication tools like Lotus SameTime and Office Communicator

VOIP Service in Singapore

Reliable and Cost Effective VOIP Service in Singapore

Get the best IP telephony, PBX and VOIP services in Singapore that are aimed to streamline your business operations. Have your services activated within a single day and minimize your communication costs with us!

What is VOIP?

VOIP or voice over internet protocol is the transmission of multimedia and voice content over internet protocol (IP) networks. This means that the phone call is transmitted over the internet instead of conventional copper lines. However, the end-user experience is not altered in the process. A phone call is made the same way – pick up the headset and dial a number (a VoIP number in this case). This proves to be advantageous to the businesses as it is more cost-effective and convenient at the same time.



You no more need to plan the number of telephone lines in advance over the next year. Unlike a traditional phone system where you need to estimate the lines required in advance to avoid extra expenses, this is not the case with VoIP services which allow you to add a new line as soon as you add a new employee. What’s more? If a certain employee leaves, you can easily reallocate or remove the line completely. Thus, the entire system can scale up and down easily.


Since the calls are routed over the internet instead of traditional phone lines, the entire setup proves to be cost-effective. There is no hefty installation, no expensive systems, and no maintenance and repairs required. If your business makes a lot of international calls, using a VoIP system can help you save money without requiring a huge upfront investment.

Easy to use

IP phones are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface such that even a person with limited technical know-how would not find it hard to get affluent with the system. Further, VoIP phone systems are compatible with various older technologies like virtual faxing.


Being easy to use and cost-effective doesn’t mean that IP-based phone systems cut down on features. They support all the call system features ranging from call hold to call hunt, call transfer, conference calling, auto-attendant phone menus, follow me and various others.

Easy to integrate

VoIP phone systems are easier to install, configure and maintain. When compared to a conventional phone system with wires, a VoIP system is easy to setup. You do not need to install any software or hardware. All you need is an IP phone and the hosted VoIP software would take care of the rest. Further, the system allows you to add, move or change the system’s configuration on the go.


Do not limit your business’ mobility just because of the immobile phone systems. A VoIP follows you wherever you go. A traditional phone system is limited in terms of mobility and any change in its physical location requires you to boggle your mind with phone companies and follow-up with them regarding the transfer of services from one location to another. A VoIP phone system helps you get over all these hassles and moves with you wherever you go!

Key Features of SIPTEL Telephony System

SIPTEL Telephony System is the leading VoIP services provider in Singapore. Our proven technology provides you with a consistent high-speed connection to ensure that your communications remain stable throughout the day. Boost your productivity and stay connected with your customers seamlessly with us!


Premium quality VOIP service

Experience the best quality VoIP services in Singapore with SIPTEL. From providing you with call routing to call accounting, call recording, call screening, and various other features – our services will never disappoint you at any point in time.

Fully portable Singapore number

Get a fully portable Singapore number, such that even when you have to switch to a different VoIP services provider (which is seldom the case), you are still able to keep your old number intact.

Additional global numbers

If just one number is not enough, you can have additional global numbers from over 60 countries. This will keep you connected to your customers, on the go!

Caller ID

Want to know who is calling you? Our caller ID feature is here to your rescue! Know the ID of the person calling you and prepare yourself accordingly.

Missed call notifications

We understand how crucial a call can be for your business. Thus, no matter what, if a certain call goes missed due to any reason whatsoever, our office phone systems in Singapore will issue a missed call notification for you to check and take proper action.

Voicemail to Email

Do you want to transcribe a voicemail into text for future records? We have got you covered! Our VoIP service will transcribe the voicemail into text and share it with you over email.