Cloud PBX in Singapore

Cloud PBX in Singapore

Redefine the communication at your organization with cloud PBX in Singapore

Do not let the limitations of traditional telephony systems govern your business communication. Switch to cloud PBX in Singapore at cost-effective rates and have quick access to a range of business-centric features along with flexibility, scalability, and hassle-free management.

What is Cloud PBX in Singapore?

Cloud PBX is the perfect combination of cloud computing and PBX. While cloud computing helps in storing and accessing data via the internet through the cloud, PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange which helps in communicating effectively over the internet.

In such a system, all the routing is performed by the VOIP provider and so, you don’t need to allocate a resource to manage PBPX in your office.

Advantages of Cloud PBX Systems

Unlimited savings on international calls

Assured huge cost savings, all thanks to highly competitive prices for overseas calls. Call overseas from your office phones and get 10 to 30x cheaper telecom rates. Thus, stay connected with your stakeholders seamlessly irrespective of their location.

Low operating costs

Cloud PBX systems in Singapore help you streamline the business costs. The entire system is easy to maintain and take care of. The only upfront investment you need to make comes in the form of purchasing and installing the on-site system and the rest is easy to take care of.

Scalability and geographical flexibility

The cloud PBX systems in Singapore are easy to deploy and scale up as your business grows. It is particularly easy to install new phones just at the click of a few buttons and make way for easy communication and collaboration.

Enterprise-level features

One of the best parts of cloud PBX systems in Singapore is the comprehensive list of features that it comes equipped with including call waiting, conference room calls, voicemail, call recording, music on hold and so on.

Hassle-free management

Monitor, manage and customize the performance of your cloud PBX systems simply from anywhere. All you need is an active internet connection and you are done.

Plug and play

Do you have a moving office? Well, easily plug and play and access all the amazing functionalities of PBX systems in Singapore. You don’t need to pay any relocation fee or handle any time. You can plug and play your phone system all over the world and enjoy unlimited free calls.

Key Features of SIPTEL Cloud PBX Systems in Singapore

SIPTEL transforms the way through which businesses communicate and collaborate among themselves and with their stakeholders. Cloud-based PBX systems in Singapore help them connect to their employees and customers seamlessly and empower the businesses globally. Additionally, our solutions also come equipped with a range of features which enhances the overall communication experience of the businesses.

Simple to use web interface

Setup your PBX cloud-based phone in Singapore within a few minutes, all thanks to its intuitive web-based user interface. The web interface of the phone system is versatile enough to handle and create user groups, IVR call flows, call recordings and the like just with a single button!

Make calls on the go

No matter, if you are using a smartphone, tablet, softphone or deskphone – easily make calls from any device. This provides your business with the much-needed flexibility and makes your business communications truly global.

Access important details

Have easy access to all the important details including voicemails, recordings and call logs whenever you need them. You simply need to log in to the web interface to have a quick glimpse of all the nitty-gritties.

99.99% availability

You cannot afford to stay disconnected from your customers. This is why our PBX systems guarantee 99.99% up time, all thanks to our various global data centers which keep us up and running at all points in time

Reduced IT costs

Our PBX phone system helps you cut down on the communication costs. All you need to have is a web phone, and you are done.