Cloud Phone Systems in Singapore

Cloud Phone Systems in Singapore

Access the best cloud phone systems by Siptel in Singapore

Business phone services have never been better before. Siptel provides the perfect cloud phone systems in Singapore that can help you route calls through the internet instead of the usual copper lines. With 1-day installation services, this could be quite a blessing for your business environment.

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud-based phone system is basically a telephone platform that is developed for the business world. This is a voice over IP or VoIP solution and has become popular in the recent past mainly owing to its highly secured structure and other advanced telephonic features.

What happened before the cloud phone systems came into existence in the industry? Ideally, each business phone system would comprise of a primary phone number which would be aided by multiple extension numbers. However, with the advent of the cloud phone system or the voice over IP service, companies can now simply install a telephony software and then connect the phones to the same server. This phone network makes operations a lot smoother for the business world.



One of the most important reasons why cloud phone systems are popular in Singapore is its cost-effective nature. Gone are the days when you need to purchase whole phone servers for connecting the office devices. Now, all you need is to make use of the hosted server and we are set!


Cloud phone systems are very secure in nature. Usually, the voice over IP systems are prone to being infiltrated by hackers. With Siptel’s cloud phone system, the infrastructure is a lot more secure

Ease to use

With cloud phone systems in Singapore, there is no need to keep a designated IT team to look after the structure. With the well-designed administrative panels, it is easy to bring about necessary changes in the system. In addition, there are no complex calculations or policies involved with Siptel.


Another big advantage of the cloud phone system is that it can be accessed easily from remote locations. You might have a lot of people working remotely on a regular basis. The need to reimburse phone bills for business purposes is gone. Since this system is hosted on the server, it is easy to access the phones from remote locations across the globe.

Key Features of SIPTEL Telephony System

The Telephony system from Siptel brings together a host of features to help its users make use of the cloud phone system. It integrates the goodness of the conventional telephone services on the server and connects all the employees of the company. Call rerouting, making cheap international calls, voicemail services, call transfer are some of the most common features. As a result, the whole system becomes very business-friendly and Siptel provides the perfect platform for hosting incoming and outbound phone calls. Here are some of the most interesting and useful features for this server platform.


Premium quality VOIP service

All calls conducted over the cloud phone telephony system with Siptel in Singapore make use of high quality HD call services. As a result of this, these calls are clearer than the ordinary telephone voice calls and thus are of premium quality.

Fully portable Singapore number

The numbers offered by Siptel in Singapore and fully portable and can be used everywhere. The DID numbers are from the 6* or 3* batches which are available for Singapore residents widely. In fact, deskphones are also provided by Siptel connected with the company’s IP server.

Additional global numbers

Apart from the usual DID numbers given by Sitpel, there are special international numbers that are added to the package. At present, these global numbers are added to USA, Canada, and UK.

Concurrent calls

As part of the Siptel telephony system, you will have access to an unlimited number of concurrent calls. These can be made from your account and received simultaneously.

Caller ID and call logs

Information about each and every call going out from the system and being received on the system are noted in the call log. This makes call investigation feasible for businesses. In addition, since this is available on a self-service portal on the web, anyone with administrative rights can view it.


This feature proves to be really handy during the busy hours. The calls will automatically be rerouted during the do-not-disturb hours.