Do Not Call -DNC Registry Check Service Singapore

If you are a telemarketer and want to call people (or Send SMS in bulk) to the subscribers in Singapore then you need to carry out DNC check. We provide this DNC Registry check service.

What is a Do not call (DNC) registry?

The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry is a Singapore database where individuals can register their mobile/telephone numbers to opt out of receiving unsolicited marketing messages and calls.

You can not send marketing messages to such opted out numbers. Sending SMS or making calls to them may result in legal consequences.

How much do we charge for DNC Registry Check Service Singapore?

Numbers Checked Price SGD per number Processing time


0.05 SGD per number

3 Days


0.04 SGD per number

7 Days

50000 +

0.035 SGD per number

7 Days

What you will get after the DNC Registry Check?

  • Excel file containing allowed and not allowed numbers
  • Transaction reference number
  • PDF output confirming the DNC registry check was carried out for your organisation

What do you need to do to DNC registry Check Service?

If you are planning to call many people in Singapore for marketing purpose then before you start your campaign, you will be required to check the list of numbers against DNC registry and then call only to those numbers which have not opted out from the DNC registry.

We provide these checking services as we have registered an account with DNC registry. You can provide us the list of numbers in excel, and we will carry the check on your behalf.

Is there any automated solution for DNC registry check Singapore, perhaps like a dialer program?

Unfortunately, at this point of time, No. Check this link question 7

It is clearly mentioned that API access in realtime is not provided by DNC registry. What that means is, a real-time checking of DNC when you place the call is not possible.

If you come across any such service, you may better be careful and check with them if they really comply with the regulations. Their check mechanism may not be legally valid.

For how much Period the DNC check data is valid?

Check this answer on question 5

The DNC data checked is valid for 30 days. That means the list you validated can be used in 30 days for calls / SMS. In case you have a long list and you plan to make these calls over a long period of time, you should divide in the list of manageable sizes and execute it over 30 days.


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