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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some the questions commonly asked by our customers. If you still have any other question then feel free to contact us

Payments & Signup

Please send us a message from contact page on our website. Our sales consultant will get in touch with you and setup the number for you.

No. Once your number is setup, you will receive an invoice from us. Then you can pay the invoice from your self service portal.

No. There is no minimum. Even 1 user account we can activate. Minimum duration of service commitment is 6 months.

No. At the moment we do not accept payment by PayPal. Payment needs to be done either by Credit card or by Bank Transfer.

Yes we do. But the minimum payment amount for Bank Transfer is 1000 SGD. So generally it is not for businesses with small teams.

Yes all process are in Singapore Dollars, and where we refer to cents, it is Singapore cents.

Service Related

This is a complete telephone system using SIP protocol. In this you can get inbound number as well as can make outbound calls. This is not like long distance calling cards or one way telephone communication. You get a Singapore local number using which you can make and receive calls.

PBX service is included in this package. Obviously if you are taking this service for 1 user then it may not be much relevant. However it is possible to create extensions, route calls to extensions in a multi user scenario. This setup can be managed by you or our team can help you to set this up.

Yes we do offer free softphone application. Once your account is setup we will send you the license code and further instructions for downloading the softphone. The license is valid for 1 PC or Mac and 1 Mobile (Android or Mac) installation.

Send us a note from contact us page on this website and our sales person will help on this. Please note currently we can ship Desk phones within boundaries of Singapore only.

Yes. If you have softphone or Desk phone you can very well use that. However you will need to do setup yourself.

Once your account is setup, our team will send you the detailed instructions with login details, and SIP server details.


Yes. You can call anywhere in the world. However please note two thing. Some numbers by default do not accept incoming calls from IP numbers, example toll free numbers in most of the countries. So calling to them will not work. Also some numbers in some remote parts of the world are high cost numbers, Example a Number is Guyana may cost 3 USD a minute, such a numbers are barred in our system. As a normal business person this should not impact to you. However if you have a need to call to such destinations then contact us, we have a separate product for such requirements.

In that case for additional minutes to local numbers you will be charges @1.7 Cents per minute.

Yes. So long as you are connected to our network via your softphone, the incoming call will be routed to you. So for example it is possible that you are in India and have setup a business in Singapore, then using our services you can receive calls in India by using Singapore local number. However keep in mind, some countries do not allow VOIP calling in their jurisdiction (For example UAE). So in such a country you will not be able to receive the call, as internet in these countries bar the voice transmission.

Voice call itself takes approx. 125 KB per second. So in general internet speed of approx. 2-3 MBPS is enough. This is generally available in most of the countries. However please note that in some countries the consistency of internet speed varies greatly. The location and proximity to mobile tower (if using mobile internet) may also impact the call experience.

All the landlines in Singapore start with 6, this is what we call 6 series numbers. Whereas 3 series numbers are introduced for the sole purpose of IP telephony. So If you are using this number to interact with local business partners then a 6 series number is recommended. If your focus is not primarily local market then a 3 series number will be enough. Please note that 6 series number can be allocated to a person resident in Singapore or to a business entity registered in Singapore. If you have neither of this then you can apply only for 3 series number.

Singapore Telecom regulations has laid a procedure to obtain necessary identification documents from the person signing up for the services. Check our page on requirement for this.

Yes. Please contact us for a Demo. We will setup one extension for you in our system. Using this you can receive calls as well as make outgoing calls for up to 10 minutes in total.