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What is VOIP?

VOIP is a latest technology, where a phone call is routed over the internet instead of traditional copper lines. This brings significant advantage to businesses. There is no need to install telephone cables. The phone app can be installed on your mobile phone, and the calling rates are lower than traditional phone.


VOIP can offer you significant savings in both CAPEX as well as OPEX. To start with first of all there is no capital expenditure on PBX system, laying telephone line to your office, special cabling for phone to each desk. Besides this the calling rates on voip are usually lower with best savings made in international calling.

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Since the telephony solution is cloud based, lot of flexibility is available. You could easily add users, add departments, setup IVR, create voice prompts, call queues, business hour prompts, record calls and listen to recordings. These features give professional image to your company. And all this can be done in few minutes using a cloud setup.

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VOIP based telephone systems often offer significant mobility. Since there is no hardware to be installed and you use phone on internet the setup in simple. Even if you were to shift your office, its easy you just go to new place and plug in phones and it works perfectly fine. In case your job requires you to be mobile, then this is a perfect solution.

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Phone options for you?

To start utilizing VOIP telephony, you primarily have two options. First option is to use a software phone which can be installed in your computer or mobile phone. Second option is to have a dedicated IP phone like CISCO or Grandstream.


Softphones are the one which are installed on your android or iOS phone or on your desktop / laptop. They are in the form of a software hence the world softphone. These are best suited for mobile professionals who always need to be on move. When you sign up our plan, you get free softphone from us. No matter where you are, so long as you are connected to the internet the call can be routed to you.

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IP Deskphone

Hardware phones are like typical desk phone. However instead of normal telephone plug they are plugged into J45 network jack. Through this the phone connects to internet and call can be routed to/ from this phone. Because they are generally fixed to a location they are not suitable for mobile professionals. However IP desk phones, offer a better communication experience than softphones as they have dedicate circuits for voice processing.

Key Features of our Telephony System

VOIP is a latest technology, where a phone call is routed over the internet instead of traditional copper lines. This brings significant advantage to businesses. There is no need to install telephone cables. The phone app can be installed on your mobile phone, and the calling rates are lower than traditional phone.

Call Management Features

Inbound calls

You can receive incoming call on these numbers. You can publish these numbers on your card and when client calls you the call will be routed to you.

Outbound calls

You can make outbound calls from these numbers. This can be done using your softphone or hardware IP phone.

Call logs

System keeps the record of calls. So in case you need to investigate the call details, then it is available via web self service portal.

Shared telephone number

You can take a single telephone number and share it among all your employees. This number then becomes your corporate identity.

Individual numbers (DID)

If you wish, you can have individual DID’s for every employee at an extra cost.

Call hold

While the call is ongoing it can be put on hold mode, especially when the caller or receiver wants to verify something.

Unlimited concurrent calls

You can have unlimited concurrent call simultaneously coming in or being made out of your account.

Cheap International Calls

International call starts at local rates for most of the destination. The rate for most of the countries is below 3 Cents per minute.

Receive calls internationally

If using a softphone, you can receive an incoming call on your Singapore number even if you are abroad.

PBX Features

Setting up of business hours

If the call is received outside business hours, a message will play that the office is closed.

Extension based call routing

On an incoming call, the caller can dial an extension and the call will be routed to the right person.

Department based call routing

System plays a message, Dial 1 for sales 2 for finance. Caller then dials the right number to reach to somebody in that department.

Specify max call duration

Example if set to 30 minutes then call is terminated after 30 minutes. This is good to ensure that calls do not last too long.

Simultaneous ring

If using departmental routing, you can have simultaneous ring. In that case the call will be routed to all people in that group and their phone will ring at same time.

Busy redirection to voicemail

If the caller is busy on another call the call will be redirected to the voicemail.

Call Transfer

If required you can transfer an ongoing call to another extension.

Caller id

All incoming call will display the caller id so long as the caller has not barred this.

Do not disturb

A user can set his status to “Do not Disturb” in that case calls can not be routed to him.

HD quality calls

All calls use High definition voice. This is clearer than normal telephone calls.

Within company intercom

You can call another extension within the company and it is free of any charges.

Numbers and Softphones

6*/3* series telephone numbers

We offer DID numbers from both batches. However do note 6* numbers are available only to people and businesses in Singapore.

International numbers

You can add additional international numbers to your pack. Currently we offer numbers in USA, Canada and UK.

Softphone for Windows & Mac

We provide softphone app for both Windows and Mac. This way you can install it on your laptop or PC.

Softphone for android and iOS

We provide softphone app for both Android and iOS. Install it on your phone to connect from anywhere in the world.

Off market desk phones

If your job is primarily from a single location, we can provide you IP deskphone at extra cost. These have best voice quality.

Instant conference

It is possible to enter into instant conference by adding a person or two in the ongoing call.

Call Recording

Optionally do one off call recording in the softphone.

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