Internet Phone Line in Singapore

Internet Phone Line in Singapore

Get an internet phone line in Singapore at the best rates with SIPTEL!

Experience the best telephony services in Singapore anywhere, anytime and on any device. An internet phone line helps you communicate over the internet, and thereby proves to be cost-effective.

What is an Internet Phone Line in Singapore?

An internet phone line, basically, helps you communicate over the phone through the internet with the help of voice over internet protocol. Since such type of communication happens over the internet, it proves to be affordable in terms of maintenance and upkeep and also comes equipped with a range of business-focused solutions which make it easier for the businesses to communicate and collaborate.

Advantages of Internet Phone Line in Singapore

Get a Singapore business number

Easily build your local presence in Singapore with our internet phone line in Singapore. Get to make and receive calls from your desk on the go. Enjoy outgoing calls at reduced rates and incoming calls for free.

Free intra office calls

Boost the communication inside your office with free intra office calls between branches and offices. Thus, no matter, if your employees are located locally or in overseas offices, you get to enjoy free service as long as they are within VOIP systems.

Unify your messages

Unify all your messages including the fax messages and voicemails by getting them delivered directly to your mailbox. Thus, you don’t need to call in to check for the incoming messages. This is because all your fax messages and voicemails are delivered straight to your email.

Get a virtual receptionist

Create your own custom greeting and direct the calls to anywhere. Easily forward the calls to a group of employees, agents or even forward to your cell phone or home number and greet your customers on the go!

Reduced operating costs

Getting an internet phone line helps you save money on operating costs. You do not need to purchase and install expensive and troublesome hardware. Further, you don’t even have to splurge money on hefty software and hardware maintenance.

Key Features of SIPTEL Internet Phone Lines in Singapore

Transform the communication processes at your organization with the internet phone lines provided by SIPTEL. Easily communicate over the internet and get over the hassles thrown by the conventional telephony systems.

Unlimited local calls

You just need to enroll yourself to a monthly subscription to enjoy free local incoming and outgoing calls a day! All you need to do is connect your phone system to our software and you are done!

Free number retention

Eliminate the need of changing numbers on switching to a different service or when you relocate. Enjoy one number for the life, and integrate it with your brand identity.

Call forwarding

Did your customer dial the wrong extension? Or, you want to forward the call to some other department? Well, whatever your motive is, SIPTEL has got you covered. You can easily forward the calls to another extension, desk, branch or an external number.

Call conferencing

Do you want to communicate an effective message to your team? Simply, initiate a conference call and you are done! Internet phone lines help you set up a call conference on the go by compressing data packets during transmission. This allows the carrier to handle more data, and this is how a single line is capable of handling more than one call at a time.

Seamless integration

Enhance the capability of your team and equip them with the best tools and resources. Internet-based phones are easy to integrate with third-party tools meant for recording and managing, This helps your team keep an eye over the leads and prospects more accurately and effectively.