IP PBX System in Singapore

IP PBX System in Singapore

Experience seamless connectivity at cost-effective rates with us!

Two-liner: Get instant access to cloud-based phone systems which are reliable, scalable, flexible and affordable at the same time, thus helping you boost the communication at your organization while also enhancing its productivity at the same time.

What is an IP PBX System?

While a PBX system can help you connect to a range of networks around the world, an IP PBX system goes a step further and allows you to enjoy a range of other benefits. To begin with, an IP PBX system not only allows you to send audio, but you can also choose to send video and instant messages with it as well.

Since an IP PBX system makes use of online internet protocols, it lets you connect to your audiences with a range of devices including VOIP, mobile devices, standard phones and even with services like Google Talk and Skype.

Benefits of an IP PBX System

Enhanced productivity

The IP PBX solutions enhance your business’s productivity by all means. It provides a stable mode of communication for executives, vendors and other professionals, irrespective of the location they are in. This provides uninterrupted connectivity and boosts your productivity.

Eliminates phone wiring

Unlike standard phones, IP PBX system eliminates the hassles of phone wiring as it allows you to connect to the hardware IP phones directly through a standard computer network port. Further, software phones can be installed directly on the PC.


While adding more extensions and lines will translate to expensive hardware modules, a lot of wiring and unlimited hassles. This all is taken care of by IP PBX systems which are easy to expand. You can easily add or remove the systems by using a standard computer. If you need to add more phones, you just need to expand the network and you are done.

Allow roaming and hot desking

Hot desking is a process by which you can easily move your phone from one office desk to other. This was not possible with the traditional PBX systems which need new extensions for the new location. However, with IP PBX, you just need to move the phone to a new desk.

What’s more? IP PBX systems can roam with you as well. If an employee of yours is working from the house, they simply need to use their SIP software phone to be able to answer calls to their extension. This way you can divert the calls to anywhere in the world.

Easier to install and configure

When compared to a traditional phone system, an IP PBX system is easier to install and use. This is because such a system runs on a computer through a software and anyone with little technical know-how can manage to run it.

Further, such a system can be easily managed via web-based configuration interface. Thus, you get to fine-tune and maintain your phone system on the go without any hassles.

IP PBX Benefits of SIPTEL Telephony

Provide a quick makeover to the way communication is being done at your organization with SIPTEL. Featuring the best cloud-based communication products and solutions, we transform how businesses collaborate and communicate, thus enabling them to connect easily with their employees, clients, customers and other stakeholders globally. Enhance your overall business experience with us!



The IP PBX solutions provided by SIPTEL are compatible with all major service providers including the likes of Starhub, Singtel, M1, and others. Add to that, our solutions are easy to connect to the SIP Trunking, Central Office lines and so on.

99.9% uptime

Experience the seamless connectivity with our carrier-grade hardware that provides you with mission =-critical SLA. Not only this, but our services come equipped with proactive service monitoring and round the cloud support.

Range of features

Our IP PBX systems come fully equipped with a range of features including long distance and local calling services, voice and data access, voicemails, VOIP telephone handsets, and others.

Telco Agnostic

Secure a business number that works fine irrespective of the service provider you choose to go with. Thus, you are not locked in with a broadband contract, at any point in time.