IP Phone Systems in Singapore

IP Phone Systems in Singapore

Improve your productivity manifold with IP based phone systems in Singapore

Transform the way communication is being done at your organization with our highly effective IP phone systems in Singapore. In addition to proving cost-effective, IP-based phones will help you provide better customer service on the go! What’s more? They do not just allow you to make calls, but a modern IP phone can also help you reduce costs and boost productivity by providing easy messaging, conferencing, and video and voice abilities.

What is an IP phone system?

As its name indicates, an IP based phone system makes use of packet switched voice over IP or internet telephony to connect telephone calls over the internet. Such a system is different than traditional phone systems which make use of Public Switched Telephone Network.


Assured savings on phone calls

Since IP based phone systems do not rely on analog phone lines, this translates to assured savings over time. An IP phone system essentially lets you communicate over the internet, which helps you save money, irrespective of the number of long distance calls that your employees make.

Enhanced connectivity and mobility

IP phone systems help you stay connected with your team, clients, and stakeholders on the go. All you need to have is an active internet connection, and you can communicate anywhere on the planet.

Feature-rich systems

While PBX and VoIP systems have made communication a lot easier, IP phone systems have pushed the boundaries even further. This is simply because they allow you to do much more in addition to making the phone calls. They come equipped with the auto attendant feature, programmable buttons, unified messaging, call waiting, teleconferencing capability and a lot more, which ultimately helps you in your day to day business operations.


IP based phone systems grow with your business. Thus, you do not have to stay restricted by a certain number of physical phone connections just because adding new connections or getting rid of extra connections is troublesome. If you need a new phone connection, all you would need to do is add a new IP phone to the router and you are done!

Easy to install and configure

When compared to the traditional phone systems, IP telephone systems are much easier to install and configure. This is all because they have a user-friendly web interface which is easy to configure and understand, unlike traditional phones with come along with a proprietary software and had a steep learning curve.

Enhanced productivity and improved customer service

IP based phone systems can be easily integrated with various business applications like CRMs, ERPs, and lead generating tools and so on. This helps your staff to service the customers better and also helps you tap new opportunities on the go!

Key Features of SIPTEL IP Phone systems

SIPTEL empowers you by introducing you to a telephony system which is best equipped to your needs and caters to your requirements perfectly.


Caller ID

Getting to know more about the person before receiving their call can help your employees present themselves and serve them properly. IP based phone systems come equipped with a caller ID feature and inform you about the caller’s identity in advance.

Call handoff

Switch over calls from one device to another seamlessly with call handoff feature. In here, you can switch the call to a desk phone or mobile from desktop without letting the caller know!

Least call routing

Exercise a better control over costs by letting the system decide the best way to route the calls for long distance and international connections. This ensures that the least call routing is specified for each call connection and your call is routed properly.

Fixed mobile convergence

If providing an on-prompt response is an important part of your business, this feature will ensure that you stay connected with your customers throughout. In here, your mobile phone acts as a terminal register with IP PBX and provides quick access to all the important functions like call transfer, conference and so on.