Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Boost the communication at your office with modern office phone systems in Singapore

Move over the traditional telephony systems and use new-age office phone systems in Singapore which are specifically equipped with enterprise-ready features to boost your productivity and efficiency.

What is an Office Phone System in Singapore?

An office phone system is a tailor-made calling network which is designed specifically for businesses to help them improve both internal and external communication with their employees, clients, customers, and other stakeholders. Because an office phone is made for larger motive like call routing and customer service calls, these telephone systems have better capabilities than what you would find in a typical telephony system.

Advantages of an Office Phone System

Share phone lines

Office phone systems provide easy accessibility to the employees. They no more need to wait for an employee to terminate a call to initiate another call. Further, businesses no more need to allocate a separate phone number for each employee. Business office phone systems in Singapore provide you with shared phone lines.

Auto attendant

An auto attendant can prove to be an effective replacement for a receptionist. Such a system auto plays the recorded instructions and guides the callers to enter an extension and connect them to the required department.


One of the major advantages of an office phone system is its cost-effectiveness. Undoubtedly, the cost of voice calls over the internet is lower. VOIP is essentially voice over internet protocol and allows you to make and receive calls over the internet, which proves to be cost-effective in the long run while also providing supreme quality.

Exclusive features

Office phone systems in Singapore come equipped with a range of services which streamline the day to day business operations, including call taping, voice mail, caller ID, muting, automatic redial, conference calling and others.


As your business grows, it is likely that your call volume will grow accordingly and you would need to add more phone lines as needed. This is where modern office phone systems prove to be advantageous over traditional phone systems. While the latter limits you in terms of users, the former is equipped with PBX technology which can be scaled as per your company’s needs.


Office phone systems in Singapore provide the much-needed portability to the employees. They can send and receive messages, irrespective of their location. All they need to do is log in to the system using the number, and it is done.

Key Features of SIPTEL Office Phone Systems in Singapore

Equipped with years of rich experience, SIPTEL understand the business processes pretty well and knows how important role an effective communication plays within the organization. This is perhaps why all our office phone systems come equipped with a range of features that are a must-have for an enterprise.

Call forwarding

Busy? Or, your customer wants to connect to a certain department? Well, whatever the reason is – you can easily forward the calls to another destination or department or to an external phone and can even forward them to the voicemail.

Call transfer

In addition to forwarding calls to another phone, business phone systems also allow you to transfer calls upon answering to another extension, external phone or voice mail. Thus, you no longer need to deny your customer or cut the call in between, but you can effortlessly transfer them to another number.

Caller line display

Undoubtedly, communication becomes easier when you know about the caller beforehand. Caller line display comes to your rescue here and allows you to know the identity of the caller.

Call waiting

Do not miss a single customer, and let your callers know that you are speaking to someone else when they call you at the same time.

Conference calling

Do you have something important to convey to your team? Or, do you need reports from an entire team on call? Conference calling can do the trick and allow you to add up to 32 attendants at a time.

Optional features

Add to this, business phone systems in Singapore come equipped with a range of other features like voice mailbox, auto attendant service, voice mail to email routing, and the like.