PABX System in Singapore

PABX System in Singapore

Transform your business communication with the best PABX system in Singapore

Get access to the most advanced business communication solutions which are capable of scaling up as your business grows and guarantee 99.99% uptime.

What is a PABX System?

PABX or private automated branch exchange, commonly known as a PBX system, is a phone switching system that provides quick access to a single number to outside callers and provides an array of external lines to internal staff. This essentially means that your customers just need to remember a single number and they will be connected to your company. While, at the same time, your internal employees will have enough lines to make outgoing calls.

Advantages of a PABX System

Easy communication

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Saves time

Employees no more need to visit each other to pass the instructions to have a face to face conversation. This essentially means that the employees can focus on their work uninterruptedly and complete the work within stipulated time.

Easy integration

Automate your business operations and change the way how reporting is done at your organization. Simply integrate a PABX system with your applications via computer, and simplify your business.


Not sure about the number of lines that your new business will need? Do not worry. Simply add and remove the phone lines as per the requirement with an IP PABX system. No patching required!

Feature rich

PABX system is equipped with a range of advanced features that a traditional phone lacks. From call forwarding to call waiting, conference calling, video calling, and others – you would not be disappointed!


Since PBX is connected to the IP network, no matter, where your employees are located, you simply need to add hosted telephone sets and you are done!

PABX System in Singapore by SIPTEL Telephony

SIPTEL provides a comprehensive range of PABX systems in Singapore consisting of:

Conventional PABX

This system is a perfect solution for small businesses wherein internal and external communication is limited. However, the system provides all the required features consisting of caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, call conferencing and others.


If you are a busy company, having a cutting edge system with state of the art features is essential to boost productivity.

Such a system is equipped with advanced features like roaming, scalability, web-based system management and so on.

Hybrid PAX

If you want a mix of VOIP PABX and conventional PABX systems, Hybrid PABX is the right fit for you. Such a system is equipped with all the essential features of both the systems and provides the right mix.


Business hour rules

Easily create different business hour rules based on day and time. This would enable the callers to reach you and your staff within your working hours.

Call block

Block the caller ID information on the go for the special days when you don’t want to display the caller Id information for privacy reasons!

Web interface

Get quick access to our powerful and user-friendly web interface which will allow you to manage and control each and every aspect of your PBAX service online on the go from any part of the world. Additionally, also get a complete set of training and support solutions online.

Call forwarding

Forward all the calls to a certain extension or to your mobile phone as and when needed. This ensures that none of your customers goes unattended and you lose no important call.

Caller ID

Easily check the name and the number of the person calling you and prepare accordingly before answering them. Also, use this feature to display the details about your company when you call out.

No busy signals

Get dedicated lines with unlimited calling capacity such that your customers will never have to hear a busy signal. Thus, all you need is enough staff to support you during busy business hours!