PBX System in Singapore

PBX System in Singapore

Make way for smarter collaboration and communication within your organization with our PBX system in Singapore!

Deploy a PBX system designed especially for large enterprises and boost your revenue, reduce the overheads, and get a chance to serve your customers better! Choose SIPTEL for all your PBX system needs and get easy access to growth-oriented business-centric features!

What is a PBX System?

What is a PBX System?

PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a telephone system which connects the internal communication network of a company with external communication networks, like that of a traditional phone system.

Essentially, this means that a PBX system allows users to communicate within an organization and the outside world with the help of various communication channels like analog, VOIP, or ISDN. In addition to this, a PBX allows free calls between the users and comes packed with a range of features like interactive voice menus (IVRs), voicemail, call recording, transfers and so on.



Centralized control

In addition to allowing you to access all the incoming calls by one number, a PBX phone system also ensures that it doesn’t block other calls. Thus, even when all the calls are routed to one number, your employee will be able to attend other calls, both incoming and outgoing, even when other callers are still connected. This provides better control and makes way for quick communication.


All thanks to the ever-advancing PBX system, it now comes equipped with PBX auto attendants which helps the callers quickly connect to a particular department for a specific service by entering an extension number. This way, you no more need to employ a receptionist to divert the calls.


Undoubtedly, PBX systems are reliable as they are geared up by the telephone wire itself and continue to work even in the case of power or the internet outage.


Since PBX system is powered up by the telephone lines, and not by the internet, the voice quality remains unaffected irrespective of the connection speed of your internet. In addition to that, a PBX system comes equipped with a range of advanced features that streamline the business operations.

Cost monitoring

A PBX system helps you in managing the logs of all incoming and outgoing calls. This reporting feature helps you in auditing as to which departments were most active on calls, and which extension was the busiest. This helps you in allocating the resources properly for better management.

Flexible call routing

PBX system ensures that you stay connected with your customers throughout. You might have an important call to attend but you also have to attend an important meeting. You can simply program your phone such that if you do not answer a call within a given number of rings, it will be automatically forwarded to another number, thus making sure that no call goes unanswered and you are able to address your client on the go.

Key Features of SIPTEL PBX System

Being a leading provider of PBX system in Singapore, SIPTEL delivers nothing but the best services which are economical, flexible, secure and tailor-made for your business. With an array of PBX features like queue management, voicemail to email, time conditions management and others, the PBX system provided by SIPTEL ensures quick and easy accessibility.



You no more need to stick to your desk to use a PBX system. SIPTEL provides a virtual PBX which helps you attend to and make calls on the go with smartphone apps!

Easy to integrate

We understand that most of the communication today happens with the help of CRM and ERP systems. This is why we make sure that our PBX system can be easily integrated to SugarCRM, OpenERP and other third-party software and tools that you might be using.

A local virtual number

Our PBX system allows you to get a local virtual number from over 50 countries, thus making sure that you are able to connect with your customers more easily.


SIPTEL takes care of your confidentiality and privacy at every point in time and ensures that your connection is encrypted and safe throughout.

Easy switches

Switch seamlessly to your office phone from your mobile and vice versa while in the middle of a conversation without letting the caller know!

Unified and Instant Messaging

Easily access mails, voice messages and fax in a single message and stay in touch with your team members with the help of real-time communication tools like Lotus SameTime and Office Communicator