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What is a SIP phone in Singapore?

Know more in detail about SIP phone protocol and two types of SIP phones.

Basics of SIP Phone

SIP Stands for Session Internet Protocol. In Simple terms, SIP phone stands for a phone system which connects through the internet. While in conventional telephony, you need copper wires installed to be able to connect to the phone, there is no such requirement in SIP protocol. You can link to telephone system even by using mobile internet.

A key thing to note here – Even if SIP connects over the internet, it can make and receive calls to any landline or to the mobile number. SIP is not like or any other calling app, which is typically restricted on calling to people who are using that app.

SIP Phones are of two types:

  • Hardphones or Deskphones
  • Software SIP Phones

SIP hard phone

These are hardware phones which look like any other old type phone. See the photo on the side and you will get an idea. The picture here is of a Cisco SIP phone. While it looks much like conventional phone, it is connected to a RJ-45 (Ethernet cable) jack just like your computer. This way the phone is able to connect to the internet to make or receive calls.

It is a general experience that hardphones are able to give the best voice quality and call completion compared to softphones. This is because most of the time these are connected via a LAN cable (So work better than wireless) and these have dedicated circuits for voice processing.

If your job is deskbound, then we will recommend you to consider a hardware phone as your primary SIP phone. However for this phone to work, you must be connected to the internet.

Soft SIP Phone

As the name suggest, this is a software program phone, that can be installed on your computer, laptop or on your mobile phone. Many free software SIP phone clients are available on internet and in Android and iOS marketplace. A sample of this is shown on the picture here.

SoftPhone Benefits

The Key benefit of the software SIP phone, is that it is completely mobile. Your phone in this case travels with you. If you have installed it on your mobile phone, then it sits in your pocket, and anytime a call is routed it will ring on your phone which you can attend to.

If the SIP phone is installed on your laptop or desktop, then you can communicate and make / receive calls while working on your PC. Moreover the data from such software can be integrated with other applications like CRM or dialer software.

Have both Hardware as well as Software SIP Phone

Certain setups will allow you to do login to SIP phone from two instruments. In that case you may have both a hardware as well as software SIP phone. So when you are in the office, on your desk, you can use the hardware phone, but while on move, you can use same number and extension using a software sip phone.

Standard VOIP Plan Pricing

Prices in SGD

Pricing for standard VOIP plan starts at 28 SGD per month for 1 user. For more users, you can buy 10 user pack. After 10th user, the pricing is flat at 10 SGD per additional user.

Standard VOIP

  • 6*Local Singapore Number
  • Unlimited Free Incoming
  • 1.7 Cents Per Minute Local Charges
  • 4 Cents+ International Calling
  • Minimum users No Limit
  • No Minimum Commitment
  • Use any Softphone
  • Extra Cost Hardware Phone


*High speed internet required.
*Above pricing for min 10 users.

Pricing depends on the number of users

The pricing for standard VOIP account depends on the number of users you are signing up. Below table summarizes the pricing depending on the number of seats.
No. of Users Subscription Price PM
1 28 SGD for 1 user
2 56 SGD for 2 users
3 84 SGD for 3 users
4-10 Users 150 SGD for 10 user pack
11 Onwards 150 SGD + 10 SGD for every user above 10
Talktime will be charged at actuals.
No extra cost for concurrent calls.
Fair usage policy applies.
Users are the same as extensions.
DDI Charged at 4 SGD per DDI per month.
One time setup cost applies.

Choose Your Plan Today!

Business VOIP Plan

For businesses of all sizes, we offer a Standard VOIP plan. Standard VOIP plan is for normal B2B calling . The price starts at 28 SGD per user per month for 1 user and it goes down with every additional user.

Call Center Plan

In case your business involves heavy outgoing calls then this plan is right for you. Some businesses need a significant calling capacity. In such a case select this plan. Example of such businesses is recruitment business, marketing departments etc.

International Calling Rates

Call internationally at local rates

Country ISD Code SGD per min from
SINGAPORE 65 $0.017
ARGENTINA 54 $0.05
AUSTRALIA 61 $0.07
AUSTRIA 43 $0.21
BELGIUM 32 $0.16
BRAZIL 55 $0.05
CHILE 56 $0.08
CHINA 86 $0.2
COLOMBIA 57 $0.09
CUBA 53 $1.41
DENMARK 45 $0.05
EGYPT 20 $0.25
FRANCE 33 $0.04
GERMANY 49 $0.06
GREECE 30 $0.04
HUNGARY 36 $0.12
INDIA 91 $0.05
INDONESIA 62 $0.11
ITALY 39 $0.05
JAPAN 81 $0.09
MALAYSIA 60 $0.05
Country ISD Code SGD per min from
MEXICO 52 $0.11
NEW ZEALAND 64 $0.07
NORWAY 47 $0.06
PERU 51 $0.63
POLAND 48 $0.25
ROMANIA 40 $0.04
RUSSIA 7 $0.09
SOUTH KOREA 82 $0.05
SPAIN 34 $0.05
SRI LANKA 94 $0.28
SWEDEN 46 $0.05
THAILAND 66 $0.12
TURKEY 90 $0.06
USA 1 $0.05
VENEZUELA 58 $0.12
VIETNAM 84 $0.11

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