SIP Telephone in Singapore

SIP Telephone in Singapore

Grow Your Business Exponentially with SIP Telephone in Singapore

Cater to your fast-growing business communication needs with SIP telephony in Singapore. Get high voice quality and clarity without investing in trunk cards. A single day activation guaranteed!

What is SIP Telephony?

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol that comes effective in managing multimedia communication sessions like during a video or voice call. Thus, while VOIP is essentially meant only for voice messages, SIP also helps business transmit and receive video messages, thus providing a rich communication experience. Similar to VOIP services, SIP telephony also helps you in cutting down the costs while delivering a richer end-to-end experience.



Since SIP telephony happens over an active internet connection, all you need is a SIP client on your device and a SIP address. There are no other costs involves. What’s more? SIP services in Singapore also help you in having free intra-company calls across multiple office sites, thus proving to be cost-effective.


SIP solutions are scalable. Thus, they are a right fit for every business, irrespective of its size. Starting from a base of 10 channels, you can gradually scale up the channels in blocks of 5 channels and grow up to 1,000 channels on a single SIP trunk in accordance with your business needs.


Unlike traditional telephony system, you will not lose your existing numbers on switching to a different services provider. Thus, keep your business’ telephonic identity intact, no matter what!

Eliminates overlapping networks and their costs

Say goodbye to the hassles of operating and maintaining both telephone and data voice networks. One IP-based network is enough to handle multiple digital streaming, thus, eliminating the issues related to adding physical infrastructure for additional employees.

Operate without geographic constraints

SIP trunking allows you to operate without any geographical constraints related to telephone numbers. Businesses can choose to use local telephone area codes within each city, all that is required is an active internet connection.

Seamless continuity

Known for its reliability and survivability, SIP telephony helps businesses handle the unexpected service interruptions by re-routing the incoming calls to the cell phones, branch offices, and voice mail boxes.

Key Features of SIPTEL SIP Telephony System

SME or a large enterprise? Do you need a robust yet economic communication solution? Do you have overseas clients and are looking for a reliable telephone system which is safe and secure at the same time? Well, SIPTEL has got you covered!

Our advanced technology makes sure that you experience a 99.99% uptime along with flexibility and responsiveness.


Dedicated access

Unlike various other VoIP services providers which provide no guarantee on class of service, SIPTEL makes sure that the SIP voice is delivered through a class A connection in real time, thus assuring of the best voice quality and security.

Number portability

Switching to SIP voice and worries that you would need to change all your telephone numbers? Well, no! SIP supports number portability, thus allowing you to retain your existing numbers, making sure that your business processes are not disrupted anytime.


Do you want to add more phone extensions, or cut the existing ones? Whatever you need, SIPTEL takes care of all your needs. What’s more? You don’t have to invest extra on hardware, thus proving to be convenient and cost-effective in all aspects.

Easy routing

Never miss a call even when you are away from your desk. With SIP calling, you can choose to reroute the calls from your phone to your mobile phone or to another extension. Thus, you no longer need to worry about losing a deal just because you were away.