On this page, we present various videos showing how to or functionalities of Grand stream phones we provide.
(Note : Some of the videos we have developed while some are developed by other companies)

Multiple accounts on one VoIP phone

You can register multiple SIP accounts to a single phone instrument. This benefits when you need to attend to calls coming to different numbers or extensions.

Instant Conference

You can create an instant conference by adding more lines to the existing call. How many lines you can add depends on the phone model.

Connect phone and PC to the same jack

Most workspaces have only one RJ45 jack for the internet connection. See in this video how you can connect your computer through the phone to the internet.

Pre-provisioned phones! Easy Connectivity

Phone that we provide is pre-provisioned. That means you just connect it to the internet and put the power on.

Installing a SIP Soft-phone on your PC or Mac

Know how to install a SIP Softphone on your PC or Mac. In this demo, we used Bria Softphone, but the process will work for any other softphone.

Installing a SIP Softphone on your mobile device

In this video demo, you can see how you can install a SIP softphone on your mobile device.

How to connect Grandstream GXP1760W to wi-fi network

A short video showing how to connect grandstream video to wi-fi network.

Retrieve user service password from our web self care portal

In this video, we explain to you how you can retrieve the service password for all your users from customer web self-care portal.

Blind transfer and attended transfer in Grandstream

A short video showing how to do the blind transfer and attended transfer using a Grandstream phone. This video is provided by Blue Tel.

Blind transfer, means you transfer call to somebody without talking to him. While attended transfer means you talk to the part first and then transfer the call.

Internal call routing options

You can use extensions or call based routing to directly route a call to the user. Check this demo.

Call forwarding and Voicemail in SIPTEL system

See how you can easily retrieve voicemail and do call forwards using SIPTEL telephony system

How to make a payment SIPTEL

You can make a quick payment by using your credit card

GXP2200 Extention module for the operator

Overview of GXP2200 Extention module. This is very useful for operators who need to attend and transfer high volume of calls.