VOIP Number in Singapore

VOIP Number in Singapore

Stay connected with your customers at all times in Singapore with virtual phone numbers.

Get a VOIP number in Singapore in less than a day and get quick access to all the major features including voice calls, SMS and MMS messages, voicemails and the like. VOIP number is enabled to make or receive calls on the internet.

What is a VOIP Number in Singapore?

VOIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet) technology. This technology has brought significant flexibility in the way businesses operate the telephone systems.

Singapore is the hotspot for the businesses and is one of the most competitive economies of the world. Many local and foreign businesses are established every year in Singapore. If you are also planning to do so then getting VOIP number for your business entity will be important. Get a VOIP number from us and connect with the local Singapore audiences pretty well, but to do this having a local Singapore virtual phone number is the must.

Advantages of a VOIP Number in Singapore

Enhanced communication between your company and clients

Simply connect your Singapore VOIP number online from your laptop or on the smartphone, and receive and make calls with your customers on the go. Having a Singapore local number helps you connect better to the audiences and enables you to establish quick trust.

Reliable call transfers

Easily make call transfers to another number, whether to your employee’s or your own mobile numbers, without breaking a sweat.

Reduced costs

Get a local Singapore VOIP number and make international business calls without spending a bomb! You get to connect to your international customer at the cost slightly more than that of local calls.

Vanity phone numbers

Explore a wide collection of available phone numbers and choose the one which suits you the most – We even offer VOIP numbers in some overseas locations like USA, UK and Australia.

Get over the hassles of managing cables

Are you tired of managing too many cables at your company? Well, getting a VOIP number can help you out! All you need is an active internet connection and a software that supports the VOIP calling and you are done.

Further, adding and removing telephone lines is easier too. You no more need to plan for 5 years in advance. Need an extra line? Simply, add an additional line to the network.

Get a VOIP number in Singapore with SIPTEL

SIPTEL provides instant VOIP number in Singapore with quick activation. Thus, connect with your team members anywhere and anytime and easily make or receive phone calls. All it takes is a few seconds to setup and get started.


Pick a number of your choice

Choose a number which suits you the most. We also offer numbers which are in foreign locations like USA, UK and Australia.

Forward calls or virtual receptionist

Greet your callers with a custom greeting, or alternatively, make an auto attendant to answer the calls. You can also directly forward the calls to your PBX/VOIP numbers of your choice including desk phones and mobiles located anywhere in the world.

What’s more? You can also choose to forward the calls to voicemail directly.

Create customized rules for incoming calls

Decide how the phone functions based on pre-created rules. Create and customize extensions and forward calls to your mobile, home or office number, sequentially or simultaneously on the go.

Get to have two or more Singapore virtual numbers at a go

SIPTEL allows you to own more than one 800 number Singapore or landline phone number or Singapore VOIP numbers. The choice is yours!