VOIP Service in Singapore

VOIP Service in Singapore

Reliable and Cost Effective VOIP Service in Singapore

Get the best IP telephony, PBX and VOIP services in Singapore that are aimed to streamline your business operations. Have your services activated within a single day and minimize your communication costs with us!

What is VOIP?

VOIP or voice over internet protocol is the transmission of multimedia and voice content over internet protocol (IP) networks. This means that the phone call is transmitted over the internet instead of conventional copper lines. However, the end-user experience is not altered in the process. A phone call is made the same way – pick up the headset and dial a number (a VoIP number in this case). This proves to be advantageous to the businesses as it is more cost-effective and convenient at the same time.



You no more need to plan the number of telephone lines in advance over the next year. Unlike a traditional phone system where you need to estimate the lines required in advance to avoid extra expenses, this is not the case with VoIP services which allow you to add a new line as soon as you add a new employee. What’s more? If a certain employee leaves, you can easily reallocate or remove the line completely. Thus, the entire system can scale up and down easily.


Since the calls are routed over the internet instead of traditional phone lines, the entire setup proves to be cost-effective. There is no hefty installation, no expensive systems, and no maintenance and repairs required. If your business makes a lot of international calls, using a VoIP system can help you save money without requiring a huge upfront investment.

Easy to use

IP phones are easy to use and have a user-friendly interface such that even a person with limited technical know-how would not find it hard to get affluent with the system. Further, VoIP phone systems are compatible with various older technologies like virtual faxing.


Being easy to use and cost-effective doesn’t mean that IP-based phone systems cut down on features. They support all the call system features ranging from call hold to call hunt, call transfer, conference calling, auto-attendant phone menus, follow me and various others.

Easy to integrate

VoIP phone systems are easier to install, configure and maintain. When compared to a conventional phone system with wires, a VoIP system is easy to setup. You do not need to install any software or hardware. All you need is an IP phone and the hosted VoIP software would take care of the rest. Further, the system allows you to add, move or change the system’s configuration on the go.


Do not limit your business’ mobility just because of the immobile phone systems. A VoIP follows you wherever you go. A traditional phone system is limited in terms of mobility and any change in its physical location requires you to boggle your mind with phone companies and follow-up with them regarding the transfer of services from one location to another. A VoIP phone system helps you get over all these hassles and moves with you wherever you go!

Key Features of SIPTEL Telephony System

SIPTEL Telephony System is the leading VoIP services provider in Singapore. Our proven technology provides you with a consistent high-speed connection to ensure that your communications remain stable throughout the day. Boost your productivity and stay connected with your customers seamlessly with us!


Premium quality VOIP service

Experience the best quality VoIP services in Singapore with SIPTEL. From providing you with call routing to call accounting, call recording, call screening, and various other features – our services will never disappoint you at any point in time.

Fully portable Singapore number

Get a fully portable Singapore number, such that even when you have to switch to a different VoIP services provider (which is seldom the case), you are still able to keep your old number intact.

Additional global numbers

If just one number is not enough, you can have additional global numbers from over 60 countries. This will keep you connected to your customers, on the go!

Caller ID

Want to know who is calling you? Our caller ID feature is here to your rescue! Know the ID of the person calling you and prepare yourself accordingly.

Missed call notifications

We understand how crucial a call can be for your business. Thus, no matter what, if a certain call goes missed due to any reason whatsoever, our office phone systems in Singapore will issue a missed call notification for you to check and take proper action.

Voicemail to Email

Do you want to transcribe a voicemail into text for future records? We have got you covered! Our VoIP service will transcribe the voicemail into text and share it with you over email.